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How To Make Wild Compost Fertilizer | VIDEO By Anna K

In this video you will learn how to make wild, 100% chemical free compost fertilizer for your garden.  Farms across the US are now contaminated with 80,000+ chemicals and viruses, even organic farms.  Some organic produce is found to be more contaminated than non-organic.  Many are unknowingly buying contaminated soil, compost, and fertilizers and use […]

Tight Psoas Is Linked To Digestive Issues, Unexplained Lower Back Pain & More

(Anna K Massage) The vital muscle psoas is known to cause so many issues in the body.  This is because it attaches to multiple vertebrae on the front side of the spine (T12-L5) and the top portion of your femur.  If these muscles are tight, they can create dysfunction in the lumbar spine and sacral iliac joint.  This can […]

Throbbing Shoulder Pain? Trigger Points In Scalene Muscles Could Be The Source

(Anna K Massage) Scalene muscles are rarely suspected as a source.  Pain is not felt in the scalenes themselves, but scalene trigger points can refer pain or other symptoms to other areas in your body. They can be the primary source of: pain numbing swelling burning weakness tingling Symptoms can be felt in the shoulders, chest, […]