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Sally S. – 55 Years Old  |  11/10/2018


Hello – I am a 55 year old admitted work-a-holic – Anna has been an integral part of my therapy and I am enjoying a quality, pain-free life again.

I had been suffering from a debilitating pain to my right side that radiated from my front to the back .  After seeing my well-known Greenville M.D. and pursing x-rays and testing, the cause for my pain was a mystery.  After several appointments – he prescribed muscle relaxers.

After my own research, I went to see a chiropractor.  On one of the first visits he mentioned it could be my psoas muscle.  He suggested that I see Anna.  She was kind enough to work me in to her busy schedule that day and provided some relief after even a short (15 minute appointment).  I have been faithfully under her care for a couple of months now and have not felt this healthy in a few years.  Anna is amazing, professional and caring, I highly recommend her.

Marion N. – 52 Years Old  |  2/25/2018

I began massage therapy with Anna K per my doctor’s recommendation.  She was also highly recommended by my best friend and her husband (word of mouth – my favorite type of recommendation)! I am a 52-year-old overworked programmer with a 90-minute commute so my neck and back stay pretty jacked up.  I also recently suffered a shoulder injury. For my set of circumstances, Anna thought we should try trigger point therapeutic massage.  After a number of sessions, I have realized pain elimination, improvements with digestion, ability to sleep, circulation and flexibility. I was astonished at the health benefits that could be attained with massage.  Anna ranks very high on professionalism, ethical standards, knowledge, experience and most importantly results. She’s the best!


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